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Re: [Chrysler300] 300F Special article

I cannot claim to be in-the-know on this topic like Bob is hoping for. But several clues point to the "200" being calibrated for KPH.
1. I will point out that 120 MPH = 193 KPH. So a KPH odometer is a very convenient explanation
2. The "200" example has an odometer that has obviously been tampered with. It reads "00002 miles". Makes it more likely that a previous owner did some questionable modifications.
3. Look at the graduation differences in the speedo for 150 MPH and the "200" example. 150 MPH is every 5 MPH. 200 example is graduated every 10 units. Even 1960-era safety standards seem to dictate that it is more important to make a driver aware of every 5 MPH difference and not 10 MPH. So 10 KPH graduations = 6.2 MPH which is much closer to a safe 5 MPH graduation.

Gary Runkel
Rochester Hills, MI

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Hello Bob,

Here's the Mecum marketing link to the Gregg Ziegler 144.9 mph 1960 Daytona Speed Weeks, when this car was being auctioned a few years ago. You'll see a photo of the 150 mph speedo. This low-mile all-original unmolested beauty, that I saw a couple times in person, clearly sets the mark that the 150 Mph speedo was the factory issue for the 4-speed Pont-a-Moussin Fs.

In January 2013, while in AZ for the auctions, I took several photos of the black Don Petty convertible, along with his notebook - the notebook had several handwritten notes and small photos of this car, but nowhere mentioned whether the "200" was a Kmh vs. Mph speedo. It did have the "200" speedo installed at that time. If Kmh, this would translate into roughly a 200 Mph speedo, which would not have been equivalent to the 300-Fs' 150 Mph speedos.

Noel Hastalis

In still frigid Burr Ridge, IL

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On another list I am on (for early A bodies), the subject of the 300F with the French 4-speed came up.  Here is a shared link from that list:


Notice the photograph of the 200 MPH speedometer.  Does anyone know if the export speedo for kilometers, looks the same?  I’m thinking it is, and they recalibrated it for MPH instead of KPH, but would like to hear from anyone in the know.  This was the first I heard of the 200 MPH speedo in the F Specials, notice it doesn’t state MPH or KPH.


Bob Jasinski

Danville, CA






Posted by: GARY RUNKEL <moparfan@xxxxxxxxxx>

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