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RE: [Chrysler300] 61 G dashboard



In my experience it is much easier to install the dash components with the dashboard frame out of the car.  You have a factory AC car, so even more important to install all you can before mounting the dash.   Laying on your back, looking up under the dash to install things is not fun and not an efficient use of time.  It is much easier to have it on a workbench and comfortably install things and verify the connections are well made and tight.  Use two persons to reinstall as it will be heavier.


Bob J


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When reinstalling the dashboard is it better to just put in the basic shell and then add all the components or should some things like the glove box, radio be added to the basic shell and then reinstalled?  We have seen pictures of rebuilds showing some both ways.....any advice is appreciated.


If I have stated my question in a confusing manner please feel free to clarify anything....I continue to swim in unfamiliar water for sure!



Posted by: "Bob Jasinski" <rpjasin@xxxxxxxxxxx>

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