Re: [Chrysler300] Mysteriously Losing Brake Fluid
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Re: [Chrysler300] Mysteriously Losing Brake Fluid

57 through 61 brake fluid will not be going to the boost assist unit.

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Agree , if MC leaks it is passing by failed rubber cup where rod goes in , it runs behind carpet into non boost car . Depending on how MC mounts to booster 

in car , if in line, it has to go somewhere and into booster housing is probable. If it gets to vacuum side of diaphragm it will end up in intake manifold . I’d pull vacuum hose off booster , see if wet inside .. should be totally dry . Could also fill up part of booster as described . Brake fluid not good for engine ...  

Ram car that cannot happen ,MC below booster . But would run under carpet , jute might soak it up.  For a while .. 
As an aside , on a Mbenz , I had a vacuum modulator diaphragm on transmission fail , it sucked all the transmission fluid into the engine oil via the little vacuum hose. Diesel has a vacuum pump dumping into pan . So missing 5 -6 quarts + of transmission fluid , nary a drop on the floor . Car stopped due to no oil in trans . Did not find out immediately it was in crankcase  . Quite a day . Engine survived ok . I was baffled for a while .. stopped by side of road zero trans fluid , no leaks.   

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Once had a similar event and found that the rear seal on the MC had leaked and was pushing fluid to the brakes sort of and also was pushing fluid into the booster on the firewall. After finding this out an losing a half gallon of fluid with no visible leak discovered diaphragm on firewall was nearly full of the fluid. The vacuum on the booster was sucking fluid into the intake after a failed rubber bladder and it did burn and caused a smoky exhaust as mentioned. Still had marginal braking but was scary at best. A real mess to clean up and was able to score a used booster from another member. Strange but true. Would not know details of Ram car boosters but should be similar. Happy hunting. Happened years ago and details are fuzzy but sadly true.
John in Iowa

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I'm interested in the replies - same thing has happened on my F.

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Greetings 300 Club Members:

MY 300C is mysteriously loosing brake fluid and I do not know how.  The only clue is that nasty black exhaust is coming out the tail pipes on both sides leaving heavy deposits on the garage floor.  What ever is happening is draining my master cylinder dry. Is it possible engine vacuum is sucking up the brake fluid some how? Is there a malfunctioning check valve some place?  There is no evidence of leaky wheel cylinders from under the car but I have not pulled the wheels off to see.  A number of years I did a brake upgrade and swapped out conventional brake shoes for rotors and was told I may have to go with a double action master cylinder but opted not to with many years of no problems until now.  This is a new problem and it is truly a mystery to me.

Any and all feedback is appreciated. Thank you all very much!

Mark Schueller
300C, F

1605 Lake Shore Road
Grafton, WI 53024

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The first Republican president was elected on this date in 1860..


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