RE: [Chrysler300] Anti chatter springs
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RE: [Chrysler300] Anti chatter springs

Google found some dialog on this that confirms my recollection.  Springs are there to dampen high-frequency squeal and suppress resonant vibration.  In dynamics, a little bit of damping can go a long way.  Adding the springs must have worked or the manufacturers would not have used them  Getting hot from the brake drum, the spring could be expected to oxidize and eventually fail.


Rich Barber

Brentwood, CA


  • Can anyone enlighten me on the purpose of the spring around the outer of the front brake drum on '56 olds- maybe others. Maybe I
  • used to know the answer but has since slipped my mind-something to do with static electricity maybe??? thanks pete


  • My second guess was maybe for cooling or something-pete


  • I thought it was to keep the drum from over expanding and breaking.


  • I tend to agree with the idea the spring is there to dampen harmonic resonance (vibration). I had read this somewhere, some time ago. Evidently, applying the brakes under certain conditions (accumulated dust on brake shoes, inside drum, dampness, and so forth) could excite the natural frequency at which the drum would vibrate (resonate). The spring would add mass that would tend to shift the harmonic frequency away from that which would be activated under certain braking situations/conditions. Hope his helps.


  • I believe that the above post is correct!!! It is there to eliminate Brake Squeal and the ringing sound that results...sort of like a high pitched bell-like sound... Think about it ...Hit a bell...then put a spring or rubber band around it...Sound is soon canceled out by the spring!!! This was used on many drum brake cars over the years...
  • It may also aid in cooling...BUT this is not the true reason it was used!!!


  • The 1961 Motors Manual calls this spring a "dampener". Indicates it is missing or insulated from the drum if the brakes squeal on application. The Olds parts manual simply calls it a coil spring.
  • Dave



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I understood they were put in to prevent squealing — story back in the  day .those brakes often were loud.  I often wondered how they did effectively did that . Maybe friction between drum and spring damps high frequency vibration , like those devices you sometimes see on utility wires in air. Some of those look

Like springs . The wires  vibrate and fatigue at the pole end fastening , eventually breaking off . Cannot believe it does anything for cooling the brakes ? Thermal connection to drum bulk metal too poor?     

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The springs must be for additional cooling since they add cooling surface—nice to have in heavy braking but not essential in “normal” driving.


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Over the past 40 years I have found drums with them missing and have had a few break from rust.  Didn't seem to make a difference if the shoes were matched to the drums and all lube surfaces were rust free and greased.


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How important is to have these spring's

On the drums.


Where can new ones be found?


Dave in VA"">





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