Re: [Chrysler300] Recommendations?
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Re: [Chrysler300] Recommendations?

Keith and Club,
Bob Merritt confirmed to me that Greg has indeed retired, and will no longer supply wiring harnesses to us. 

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On Oct 10, 2018, at 11:00 PM, Keith Boonstra <kboonstra@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Many good recommendations and advice,Noel. But just a couple of notes. 
First, I believe Gregg Legatt (Horror of Horrors) has informed us he is planning to retire from building wiring harnesses. This is really unfortunate news for us all if true! I recommend contacting Gregg ASAP to see if he is still willing to provide another harness for Mike. And I hope I am wrong in noting his retirement. I know of no one else of his experience and capability to go to.
Second, I recall discussing steel vs. stainless with Inline when I had my brake lines made up for my C. They recommended going with plain steel at that time because they said with the SS yo will have a much tougher time eliminating leaks at the connections.

Keith Boonstra


On Wed, Oct 10, 2018 at 12:57 PM Noel Hastalis cpaviper@xxxxxxxxxxx [Chrysler300] <Chrysler300-noreply@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hello Mike,

Offering some comments to your questions -

  1. Your # 1 and 2 below - Gary hasn't been a source for these. Another Club member may be able to provide you a source. Jeff Carter, of JC Auto Restoration, Inc. - - located in the Seattle area, is a tremendous source for parts and rebuilding of gauges, etc. I suggest reaching out to Jeff for these and other questions. Jeff is also a Club member, and his contact info is in our Club Roster.
  2. Dennis Crooks, in CA, is one of the top steering wheel restorers. He did the steering wheel on my F back in 2001 when his going price was 'only' $1,000, and it still looks great. Today I understand his price is about $1,800. His contact is  Some Club members have used D&D Automobilia in NC, and I think his prices are lower - I have not seen wheels done by D&D. I expect that an element of the pricing will depend on the current condition of your steering wheel.
  3. Did you specifically ask Gary about the "0" for your door panel? I just looked again in his catalog, and do not see these numbers shown. I'm not sure if he ever supplied those. He is still fulfilling smaller orders of parts that he has in stock. Also reach out to Jeff Carter..
  4. Gary would not be the source for restoration of your console trim. A few years ago, I did purchase from him the ribbed flat center 'fill' piece that runs the full length of my console. Search out a reputable shop that does anodizing of aluminum. Other Club members in our Midwest area should have recommendations for you. From my experience, anodizing restoration is done by folks different than those who restore the stainless trim on our cars.
  5. Our Club member Greg Leggatt, in Ontario, has been making up wiring harnesses for our Letter Cars for years. He custom fabricates it to the specific options on your particular car. I believe he makes up 3 component harnesses for the F - interior, engine compartment and rear. Greg may still be able to make a harness for you. Best way to contact Greg is by phone - his number is in our Club Roster. When you purchased your F, did the paperwork include the Club's build sheet information of your car's options? If not, our Club can provide this to you - email to Mark Obermann, to the address on the front inside cover of our Club Roster - include rubbings of your F's body tag (left side just below your windshield), and serial number, along with photos of each of these - mailed to the P.O. Box listed.

Another helpful suggestion for sourcing answers to your questions - You'll see it at the end of this Club Listserver email, and all other such emails - - Click on this link and it will take you to a site where you can type in your brief Search Topic - i.e. Steering Wheel Restoration - and it will bring up the prior Club Listserver email exchanges.

Hope this helps!

Noel Hastalis

F Coupe

Burr Ridge, IL


On October 10, 2018 at 9:26 AM "milwaukee241@xxxxxxxxx [Chrysler300]" <Chrysler300-noreply@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:



I’m seeking recommendations for the following items / services for my 300F coupe.  I’ve searched out archives yet some of the info dates back years ago and I’m uncertain if the info is still valid.  For instances, Gary Goers wrote me to inform he’s no longer in business, yet he expects new owners to take over (no timeline given). 

Here we go:  

1.  Pre bent Correct Brake Lines 

2.  Pre bent Correct Fuel Lines

3. Steering Wheel Restoration

4. One “0” for the 300 in the door panel 

5. Bright work anodized restoration for the center console brightwork. 

6. Wiring Harnesses.  (Engine, power windows, starter, etc)..  

Thank you all! This club is amazing.  

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Posted by: Noel Hastalis <cpaviper@xxxxxxxxxxx>

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