[Chrysler300] 1957 Power Steering Hose repop info needed
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[Chrysler300] 1957 Power Steering Hose repop info needed

The PS hose for '57 Chryslers with the Thompson pump is a particularly difficult challenge to find a workable substitute for. From the pump it has to squiggle up, over, and around a few obstructions, and then pass between the battery and the valve cover on its way over to the steering box. The wrong path can put the hose on an interference course, and it can be cut through by the corner of the battery shelf. So the bottom line is that several of us have been working to have this hose and its odd tubing end replicated for our 300 Club members.

I need a little help with this from owners of '57s. I have found a place in Grand Rapids that says they can replicate this hose. The three fittings would have a bit of a different look to the appearance of the swage stampings, but otherwise the replica hose should be close to both the fit and the function of original. The company just needs a correct example to copy.

I believe that I have a correct Chrysler original they can follow, but I cannot be sure without seeing one or more PS hoses of other '57 Chryslers to confirm that. I will be happy to send pictures of mine by email for confirmation, or you could send pictures of yours to me to compare.

After I have one hose made that seems as correct as practicable, the offer will be put out to the Club on the forum or elsewhere to have more of these hoses made up as needed. If the '57 project is successful we may take a look at also doing the PS hose for the F and G cars, which I understand are also difficult to replace.

Thank you for your help.

Keith Boonstra



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