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RE: [Chrysler300] K Hubcaps



I have quite an assortment of good, bad and ugly 1964 Chrysler wheel covers, including for a K.  Let me know if you have not already found a source and I’ll dig them out and send pix of the best.  No guarantee that they will stay on as they are “extras” I have accumulated.  I recall that little dabs of silicone on the tabs will help hold them in place and reduce screeching.  It would appear that the very sharp points were designed to dig into the paint on the wheel and it is most common to hear them digging through the paint and into the steel as the wheel does its normal flexing.  I’ve not seen very sharp points on an old wheel cover for years.  I also believe the 14” K wheels and wheel covers were never famous for staying together.


I’m glad you got your top pump motor fixed.


Rich Barber

Brentwood, CA


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Good Morning Group:


   Does anyone have a couple of K hubcaps in decent shape that they would like to sell?

One of ours refuses to stay on the wheel and I am sure it is because the flange (if that s

the proper term for it) that holds the cap to the wheel has been bent a few times, to the

point where it simply won't hold if the wheel hits even a decent bump in the road.


   I'm going to look on E-Bay but thought I would ask here first.


   By the way - problem with the convertible top was solved by new brushes in the motor.


Thanks group,


Pete Fitch 


Posted by: "Rich Barber" <c300@xxxxxxx>

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