RE: [Chrysler300] 1957 300C Leather Seats -Replace leather Seat Covers
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RE: [Chrysler300] 1957 300C Leather Seats -Replace leather Seat Covers

Agree, Rob, especially after visiting Legendary personally  at our meet. They are terrific, and Jamie has been building a great relationship there. The more we send them, the more likely they will help us as a club, especially as Gary is presumed to  be forced to pause a bit. The work they do at Legendary is outstanding.


I have bought 4-5 interiors from Gary, also perfect. Including a C and a D, several F . One thing to watch is how much stuffing or foam is put in the front seat at final fitup ; measure original height, which is not something one doing this might think of, or we did not think too much about initially . . It is a variable by the person who puts the leather on the frames to some degree. If not careful, seat gets too close to bottom of steering wheel. No problem for twiggy, slight problem for John “the refrigerator” Grady, ----needs to be pretty close to original …




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Legendary did my C seats and they are fabulous.  I highly recommend you go that route.  300’ly, Rob Kern


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After 61 years, the leather in our 1957 300C front seat needs new stitching, new foam and the springs need to be repaired. We had hoped to keep our 300 as original as possible, but the seats  need to be repaired before the stitching gives up.

We took the 300C to the National WPC Meet in Tacoma last August 2017 and was awarded the President’s Cup for the Best original car. We always  wondered if we should replace the leather seats in both the front and back. Our local car club friends said to leave it all original.

Since Gary Goers is no longer able to do the leather seats, we went to our local upholstery shop and asked them  about sowing up the front seat, adding new foam and fixing the springs. They said the leather is too hard and brittle and almost impossible to stitch. They suggested we replace the leather. I guess it is about time to do that.

I asked the Beaverton Auto Upholstery owner to call Legendary as we wanted a leather that matched the original Beige leather.  “Rich” at Legendary  sent a sample to Beaverton Auto Upholstery and said the cost is about $3,000.00 for both seats. Legendary said it would take 4 to 8 weeks to get them done.

My concern is whether the color and thickness of the leather from Legendary is comparable to that used by Gary.

Also, we plan to replace the Black, loop-pile type carpet including the vinyl heel pad.

Beaverton Upholstery said the rest of the interior is in excellent condition including the Vinyl seat backs, door panels and head liner.

Legendary supplied the front seat upholstery for our1970 300 Convertible in December 2015 which we are very pleased with.

We would like to drive our 300 to the Spring Meet, May 14-18, at Rohnert Park in California..

Do you have any thoughts or suggestions?

John & Arlys


Posted by: "John Grady" <jkg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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