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Re: [Chrysler300] Kerosene Heater

30 years ago doing work on my friends 58 Saratoga I noticed she had a kerosene or gasoline fired heater/furnace as original equipment. I think it was made by Borg Warner.

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I had a gasoline-fueled heater installed in a ’61 VW Karmann Ghia convertible in Omaha.  It worked perfectly but only had one outlet—at the floor.  No defrost.  So, all engine heat was directed to the windshield and the gas heater provided instant warmth—to our feet..  The benefit was all in that instant heat and that was a good thing in cold country.  There was a lot of fire near the under-hood gasoline tank.  Good German engineering made for a pretty safe design, I believe.    


Our ’61 & ’64 Chryslers and 383 Plymouth and Dodges always warmed up pretty quickly but those cold vinyl seats really sucked the heat out of our backsides.  Rear-window “defoggers” helped a little but we still flew rather blind in the worst snow, ice and sub-zero times.


Rich Barber

Brentwood, CA (Not a problem here—pushing 70 today)


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These were a dealer installed option for VW's back in the day.

I have installed several, under the hood above the gas tank.

They would definitely toast you.
Much easier than installing A/C's.



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Those were actually gasoline instant heaters - Model 801 for 1957, and Model 803 for 1958. I have no idea how common they were, or what climate area they were more prevalently sold in, but I think they were rarely sold for whatever reason.


Had an essentially similar one of those in a brand new 1960 Corvair back in the day and loved it in blizzard season here. It may even have tipped the balance in my favor when I was dating my wife.


Keith Boonstra




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Good afternoon,


           Came accross an article stating the above was an “Option” in 1958 and possibly beyond. My Father was a Factory Service Representative at the time and I never heard of this. Does anyone out there familiar with this ?



                                             Val J

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Ray Jones. Y'all come on down an see us. Ya hear?


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