RE: [Chrysler300] Eaton Springs
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RE: [Chrysler300] Eaton Springs

Mark (Doug),


Until I read your email, I forgot that I had the same circumstance happen with my 300G.  Years ago, about 1982 or so, I had new springs made to factory specs, installed them and had some front end work done all about the same time.  Shortly after that, I noticed the car lower on one side, mostly noticeable in the back.  I went back to the mechanic, he was 300 Club member Kent Hurt, who told me I didn’t have a problem with the springs, it was a torsion bar adjustment issue.  He was right, once the bars were adjusted the problem went away.


Bob J


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Hi Doug,


I have a ’63 300 Conv.  The rear springs were sagging.  I brought it to a local shop that works on school buses and dump trucks.  They said they could help me.  They used the existing 6 leafs, but added one more leaf to make it similar to the 300J, at my request. Now I have 7 leaves and standard shocks. They also installed all new rubber pads between the leafs.  It went from sagging to actually being slightly higher in the back.


When I looked at the car, there was a tilt in the back (L to R or R to L).  I told him that I would like the rear bumper to look straight.  He took the car inside, adjusted the torsion bar, and everything looked perfect.


Initially, I don’t think they touched the torsion bars ( I don’t know for sure), but a slight adjustment on one side or the other and everything has been good for probably 15+ years.  Maybe this is worth a try?

I doubt the springs are sagging since the ones on my car are 55 years old.  Did they put in new pads between the leafs?  I would recommend the 7 leafs.  It is a much stiffer ride and better for cornering.



Mark Lindahl

’63 300 Conv


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HI Group,

I installed new Eaton springs and KYB shocks on my 62 Sport conv. 2&1/2 years ago.

Rear of car was raised about 1 inch and then completely level.

Now left rear is 1 inch lower than right rear.

Right spring has a slight upward arc and left spring is flat or has a slight downward arc.

Should this have happened in just 2&1/2 years and less than 1,000 miles driven?

Any thoughts will be appreciated.

Doug Warrener



Posted by: "Bob Jasinski" <rpjasin@xxxxxxxxxxx>

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