RE: [Chrysler300] NN paint code
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RE: [Chrysler300] NN paint code

Paint codes for all letter cars and a bunch of others may be found at:          NN shows up as a dark gray metallic in the 1960 and 1961 charts and is named Executive Gray Poly. 


Silver 300 Special paint is coded 22.  On the data plate it is shown as 229 under PNT, the 9 probably being for the black vinyl top.  On the window sticker it shows as 221 indicating top and bottom are paint code 2, the typical 1 means it is not a two-tone.  The 1964 Ditzler paint chip sheet shows 22-1 and 22-9 as Silver Mist Poly.  The 1965 Ditzler Paint Code has the Silver Mist Poly as code NN with the same Ditzler number (32398) as the ’64 Silver 300 Specials.  Probably the same paint code on ’65 Barracuda’s and other MoPar’s.


The rest of the story:  On the Silver 300 Special data plates there is a 5 under the Z defining the 635 option of the Canopy Molding Roof—present on two-tone New Yorker 4-dr sedans & 4DHT’s, Salons and Silver Specials.  The exact wording from a 1964 Chrysler 300 window sticker:


SILVER 300 PACKAGE                                                                          $71.80



My Nebraska friend reports his Silver 300 Sport also has the heavy rubber and aluminum-strip heel plates fastened to the black carpet.  My limited data indicates other Sport models only have the flat rubber heel plates—with or without a console.  I’d be interested in hearing what others have for heel plates on the front floors of their 1964 300 Sport models with consoles—especially Silver 300 Package Sports.


So, it appears that Silver Mist Poly was specially-formulated in 1964 for the Silver 300 Specials and then carried over for general consumption in 1965.  It was coded 22 in 1964 and NN in 1965.  A pretty color—VERRY COMMON in CA these days, although all the silver/gray poly’s are slightly different.


Hi-ho, Silver, away!  Get’um up Sport!


Rich Barber

Brentwood, CA (Warming up to the 90’s by Saturday)


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My best guess is that the paint code is for a silver or gray color, but I have no official information.  My guess is based on the NN1 paint code on my '65 Barracuda which I bought new.  The paint color for my car is called Silver Mist Poly in some of the Chrysler literature but my '65 factory service manual calls it Barracuda Silver Poly.  I was told by my dealer when I ordered my car in '64 that this is the same color as was used on the '64 Chrysler 300 Silver Edition.  I don't think my '64 factory service manual has paint code information.


---------------Marshall Goodknight

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It might be a good idea to consult the IBM “Car Record Card” for that car to cross check the paint code.  Time, corrosion, paint and tired old eyes could turn a W into an N on the data plate.  Just saw off or cover up one “leg” of the W’s. Otherwise a typo at the data input shop, emergency last-minute change order after records were cut or a mis-read at the paint booth.  Search for original color under the heater box and on the firewall behind the dash and kick plates.


Rich Barber

Brentwood, CA



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Code NN would be Executive Gray Metallic, which was an Imperial color (not Chrysler) in 1961. So it would have been special order on a G.

Carl Bilter

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Does anyone know what an NN paint code means on a 300G?  This is a white car, from the factory, so says the owner, which should be WW.
Bob J

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Posted by: "Rich Barber" <c300@xxxxxxx>

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