RE: [Chrysler300] clock repair
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RE: [Chrysler300] clock repair

You do lose the glowing AC hands if FGH, I would think. Or I did , when I did it. no way to keep it, complicated insulated and grounded wires go to hands . I tried LED behind , with resistor, you need 2-3 of them, but color was wrong. . Left it with only the rear time # panel lit by the hi volt AC.


A suggestion on this, keep it powered by the 1.5V , add two wires to under dash holder location for an alkaline D battery , will run it for 5 years. Stays ok as you connect and disconnect battery. Almost impossible to get time set knob in through the stock front hole , is why , with a stock Quartz clock module. Needs rear access to the set wheel. You can extend set wheel shaft out of back of metal box by toothpick inside a shrink tube , washer glued to set wheel.

Understand you want it done, do not know who, but FYI on what I did ; Clock Parts from Time Valve (I think that is it) in Az ; get their hand asst , and smallest clock module. I was able to adapt the now  unlit 300 hands to it.


By the way, the stock clock is a very cheap thing, as clocks go, never works right even after “restoration” , whatever that consists of.(? get it moving, few drops of oil?)  . My experience anyway. I am sure someone else is lucky…



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Anyone have a good vendor for a quartz upgrade. I do not want to buy a kit and do it myself, to small for my eyes.



Posted by: "John Grady" <jkg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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